Two-axis UAV Gimbal Camera supports visible and infrared spectroscopy and laser ranging electro optic infrared

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HP135D125EOLWIRLRG15electro optic infrared

  • Product Name:Two-axis UAV Gimbal Camera supports visible and infrared spectroscopy and laser ranging electro optic infrared
  • Product category:UAV Gimbal Camera 
  • 1) product presentation
The HP135D125EOLWIRLRG15 is a two-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal platform designed to support 360° continuous rotation. It features a built-in 30X HD zoom camera, a longwave infrared module (LWIR uncooled), and a laser rangefinder. Primarily utilized in airborne imaging for detection, recognition, tracking, ranging, and positioning, this system caters to the requirements of mapping, surveillance, reconnaissance, and various other application scenarios.
The HP135D125EOLWIRLRG15 is characterized by its lightweight design, employing mature and reliable technology. It can be seamlessly integrated into various types of UAVs and other aviation carriers. Moreover, the system is versatile enough to be assembled on ships and vehicles, addressing the needs of both sea and air applications.

    1.The target detection range of IR camera is up to 5KM and the target recognition range is up to 1.2KM(target size 3m*6m).

    2.IR camera Resolution up to 640*512.

    3.The focal length of IR camera is 50mm.

    4.The target detection range of Visible light camera is up to 15KM and the target recognition range is up to 8KM(target size 3m*6m).

    5.Visible light camera has an optical zoom is 30X and the digital zoom is 12X.

    6.The range of laser ranging is up to 3KM.

    2) Feature Brief
    1.Provides visible and infrared video and images of the target area

    2.The ability to stabilize the visual axis

    3.Target tracking and detection capabilities

    4.self checking function

    5.light weight and small size

    6.Support laser ranging

    3) Technical Specificas

HP135D125EOLWIRLRG15 Parameter Parameter Values
IR camera
working Spectrum Range 8~14μm
Probe Resolution Ratio 640(H)×512(V)
Pixel Size 12μm
Lens Focal Length 50mm/F1.2
Horizontal Field Of View HFOV 8.7º×7.0º
Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD) 50mK
Temperature Measurement Accuracy
Video Output HD-SDI 1080P 30Hz
Target Detection Distance Man (Target size 0.5m×1.8m) 0.8KM
Vehicle(Target Size 3mX6m) 5KM
Target Recognition Distance Man (Target size 0.5m×1.8m)0.2KM
Vehicle(Target Size 3mX6m) 1.2KM
Visible light camera
Camera Resolution 1920(H)×1080(V)
Spectrum Range 0.4μm~0.9μm
Pixel Size 2.8μm
Optical Zoom 30X continuous
Digital Zoom 12X(360X in total) continuous
Focal Length 4.3mm~129mm
Horizontal Viewing Angle Field of View 63.7°~1.1°
Focusing System Auto (Sensitivity: normal, low), One-push AF, Manual, Interval AF, Zoom Trigger AF, Focus compensation in ICR on
Minimum illumination Colour: 0.01 lx (F1.6, AGC on,1/30 s)
Target Detection Distance man (Target size 0.5m×1.8m) 6KM
vehicle(Target Size 3mX6m) 15KM
Target Recognition Distance man (Target size 0.5m×1.8m) 2KM
vehicle(Target Size 3mX6m) 8KM
De-Fog support
Laser range finder Working Wave Length15351535nm
Emitting Power Class1/1Meye safety
Maximum Measuring Range 3000m
Blind Zone 50m
Resolution 1m
Measuring Frequency 1Hz
Servo performance Rotation 360ºXn
Pitch +90º~-110º
Angular Accuracy ≤2mrad
Stabilization Accuracy 100μrad
Max. angular speed ≥50°/s
Max. angular acceleration ≥90°/S²
System parameter
Image Targeting Pixel deviation update rete:50Hz
Image tracking speed 30pixel/frame
Re- capture a lost target It has the ability to automatically recapture the target after the short-time occlusion is removed in cloud and ground scenes.
Distinguishable Target 8%
Detectable Target Pixels Minimum detectable object size 4x3 pixels
Feature of Tracking and Targeting In the case of roll, rapid reduction or amplification of the target image, it keeps tracking ability without slip and without loss.
Power Supply 24VDC,Acceptable Range:20VDC~28VDC
Power Consumption Average≤20W,Maximum instantaneous power consumption≤50W
Net Weight ≤1250g
Size ≤Φ135mm×195mm
Interface Communication Interface RS422*1
Video Interface HD-SDI*1
Environment condition Working temperature -20℃~60℃
IP Rating IP67
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