Two axis electro optical infrared with laser ranging 1500m UAV Gimbal camera

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HP120D81LWIRLRG4.2UAV Gimbal

  • Product Name:Two axis electro optical infrared with laser ranging 1500m UAV Gimbal camera
  • Product category: S-IR、Small size、UAV Gimbal Camera

  • 1) product presentation

The HP120D81LWIRLRG4.2 is equipped with an advanced electro-optical infrared imaging sensor and a two-axis gyroscope to ensure stability. The sensor has a temperature measurement range of -20 ° C to 550 ° C with an accuracy of 2%, and is equipped with a 1.5KM range laser rangefinder with an accuracy of 3m.

1.The target detection range of LWIR is up to 4.2KM and the target recognition range is up to 1KM(target size 3m*6m)

2.Resolution up to 640*512

3.It has the function of temperature measurement, and the accuracy can reach 2%

4.The maximum measuring distance of the laser rangefinder can reach 1500m, and the accuracy is less than 3m

2) Feature Brief
1.The horizontal field of view Angle is 17.4°×14°

2.The sensor has a temperature measurement function with a range of -20° to 550° and an accuracy of up to 2%

3.The detection distance is 4.2KM, the identification distance is 1KM (the size of the detected object is 3m*6m)

4.The laser rangefinder can measure a distance of up to 1.5KM with an accuracy of up to 3m

5.Weight less than 800g.

3) Technical Specificas

HP120D81LWIRLRG4.2 Parameter Parameter Values
IR camera Probe Type
working Spectrum Range 8~14μm
Probe Resolution Ratio 640(H)×512(V)
Pixel Size 12μm
Lens Focal Length 25mm/F1.0 (Optional 35mm)
Horizontal Field Of View HFOV 17.4º×14º
Image Display Colorization support
Digital Zoom 1.0~8.0  continuous (0.1step)
Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD) ≤50mK@25℃,F#1.0(≤40mKoptional)
Minimum Resolvable Temperature Difference (MRTD) MRTD≤500mK
Temperature Measurement Function Support
Temperature Measurement Range -20℃~+550℃
Temperature Measurement Accuracy Max of ±2℃ or ±2%
Video Output HD-SDI 1080P 30Hz
Target Detection Distance Man (Target size 0.5m×1.8m) 0.7KM
Vehicle(Target Size 3mX6m) 4.2KM
Target Recognition Distance Man (Target size 0.5m×1.8m) 0.2KM
Vehicle(Target Size 3mX6m) 1KM
Laser range finder Working Wave Length 905nm
Emitting Power Class1/1M eye safety
Maximum Measuring Range 1500m(Optional 3000m)
Blind Zone 3m
Resolution 3m
Measuring Frequency 1Hz
Servo performance Rotation 360ºXn
Pitch +10º~-110º
Angular Accuracy ≤2mrad
Stabilization Accuracy 100μrad(1σ)(2°/Hz,1°/Hz Swing)
Max. angular speed ≥50°/s
Max. angular acceleration ≥90°/S²
System parameter
Power Supply 12VDC,Acceptable Range:10VDC~14VDC
Power Consumption Average≤15W,Maximum instantaneous power consumption≤30W
Net Weight ≤810g
Size ≤Φ120mm×170mm
Interface Communication Interface RS422(TTL optional)*1
Video Interface HD-SDI*1
Environment condition Working temperature -20℃~60℃
Storage temperature -40℃~80℃
Vibration Survival Random vibration, from 10 Hz to 500 Hz
Shock Survival 40g with 11msec half-sine pulse, minimum 3 pulses for each of 3 axes
IP Rating IP67
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IR camera:
Probe Type:Vanadium oxide uncooled infrared focal plane detector,working Spectrum Range:8~14μm,Probe Resolution Ratio:640(H)×512(V),Pixel Size:12μm
laser range finder:
Working Wave Length:905nm,Emtting Power:Class1/1M eye safety,Maximum Measuring Range:1500m(Optional 300m),Blind Zone:3m,Resolution:3m
UAV Gimbal
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